How the webdisplay story began

In 2010 Raewyn and Chris teamed up to establish webdisplay.co.nz. Their aim is to meet the demands of a new generation of real estate agents who have a desire to take their sales to a new level.

They are dedicated and highly motivated to promote true professional photography for real estate.

As independent photographers they are flexible and responsive to the changing needs and trends in real estate marketing strategies; they are constantly striving to create that product that works perfectly for their clients.


Raewyn’s path to the present…
Raewyn has had a strong background in photography with a career spanning over 15 years both in NZ and overseas. In 1997 she joined the NZ Police where she enjoyed an 18+ year career.

Over the past decade she developed a passion for real estate, which she soon realized, combined perfectly with her existing passion for photography.

Over the past 8 years she has managed to juggle photography, policing and to enjoy her personal interests. She has built a solid reputation in the genre and established herself as a popular real estate photographer in the Christchurch and greater Canterbury area. As her interest and passion for real estate photography has grown she has now, in 2016, moved to full time photography.

Her passion for both photography and real estate is evident in all the work she produces.

Raewyn’s photographic skill extends to undertaking assignments for website, marketing and other photography work including weddings, portraits and family groups.

Raewyn Walker

Chris road to the now…
Chris specializes in Architectural/Real Estate Photography as well as on location advertising/commercial photography. Having his photography roots based in photojournalism (See Wikipedia) he also covers events and special occasions for newspapers, magazines and individual clients.

Based in North Canterbury he spends most of his time on shooting assignments in Christchurch and Canterbury but will travel further afield when the need arises.

Chris has been educated in the traditional and digital art and craft of photography from large format view cameras all the way to the science of today’s digital capturing devices. He brings over 25 years of hands-on photography, advertising and publishing experience to the table and has been involved in just about every scenario and aspect of professional photography. Chris is also a full professional member of AIPA.

Photographer Chris Daniels
We are a member of iaapIAAP - The International Association of Architectural Photographers
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